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Your letter: Justice system let her down

I am a law abiding citizen and tax payer yet it seems I have no rights.

My neighbor's cattle get out year after year and proceed to trash my garden. I have offered to pay for the electricity to run an electric fencer, I offered to buy some of the property along the fence line, I put up an electric fence along my side of their pasture to no avail, the cattle tromped it into the ground three times. I have done everything to avoid making enemies, but they choose to ignore my request for reimbursement, they make snide remarks, hang up the phone on me and think it is a big joke!

This year was the last straw, I decided it was time to get the law involved. To my surprise they said they do not like to get involved in this type of matter and suggested conciliation court. I talked to the clerk of court and found out that cost $80 to file and another $40 if you win and the person does not pay.

Then there are more fees and steps to do to file a lien on the person's property. The lien does not get you anything, so you are back to square one.

I personally cannot afford to pay more to lose more than I already lost. The message I get is that I do not have to be responsible for my cattle doing damage to someone's property!

Scenario: What if a cow were to be shot while eating same produce on same property? I think the law would be there in a heartbeat, the property owner would get a fine, have to pay for the animal and probably spend time behind bars! Is this law and justice?

Jan Snyder