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Last week, Reverend Rod Broding of Battle Lake wrote: "America's only hope is to mobilize the Democratic party to dominate the political power in our nation." Rod claimed that this would "equalize the standard of living for all its citizens."

There are too many failed examples of Rod's suggested "Democratic dominated political power" to list here. But the most recent one is the current "Democratic dominated" administration's decision to give Solyndra $530 million of future tax payers money even though the current "Democratic dominated" administration was told many times that Solyndra would fail. Does flushing millions of taxpayers' dollars down the toilet "equalize the standard of living"? Only if Rod wants to bring everyone down to an equally poor standard of living.

Rod claims that the rich support the Republican party and that the Democratic party is the party of the low and middle class. But yet somehow the big money Solyndra investors were able to take their money out of the Democratic dominated funding of Solyndra before Solyndra declared bankruptcy on the taxpayers. Rod decided to use the bible as a political tool to promote raising taxes on the "rich" when he quoted Luke 12:48: "To whom much is given, much is required."

Much more is "given" to the federal government than all the rich combined. Extreme waste, debt and finger pointing is what the taxpayer is given in return.

Rod claimed, "The (economic) problems demand additional sources of revenue." The Democratic party has been there done that, we didn't even get a T-shirt. Have you ever heard the old saying "a penny saved is a penny earned"? I'll expand on it a little for Rod's benefit: "A trillion not wasted is a trillion of revenue."

Rod also wrote "Join us, and together we will join hands, hearts and minds to make of the United States a more perfect nation." Our nation would be the "more perfect nation" that Rod wants if people like Rod would stop holding hands and mind melding long enough to realize that our nation does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem heavily promoted by the very party that Rod suggests we let "dominate the political power."

In short, Rod, until the government's spending addiction is cured, more money and power will do nothing but fuel the addiction.

Daniel DeYonge