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Your letters: Opposition to Obama has nothing to do with racism

Morgan Freeman was one of the few Hollywood actors that I had respect for. Mr. Freeman recently said that the Tea Party wants to make President Obama a one term president because President Obama is black. Mr. Freeman no longer has my respect.

How can Hollywood and the left claim to be against a war without being against the troops while at the same time claiming that no one on the right can be against President Obama without being against black people? Mr. Freeman's remarks seem more than just a little hollow considering that Herman Cain, the only other black presidential candidate, won the Florida straw poll with strong Tea Party support.

Recently some people were asked how they feel about Herman Cain, Allen West and other black Tea Party members. Black Tea Party members were told to "go to hell" and called "Oreos, because they are black on the outside and white on the inside."

These examples of hate speech were spoken by black people at the annual Congressional Black Caucus dinner last week. I wonder if Mr. Freeman is going to accuse the Congressional Black Caucus of racism.

Daniel DeYonge