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Your letters: It's crucial to water those trees now

Recently here at the Soil and Water Conservation District we've had quite a few phone calls on tree questions. Since it's drying out very quickly this fall we want to remind EVERYONE to please water your trees! It won't be long until they go dormant and won't require any more watering, but until then, please make sure your new trees don't receive additional stress from lack of water. Stepping off of my soapbox ...

Secondly, we've had quite a few questions about the survival of some of the spruce trees that we ordered this year for those of you who lost trees to the tornado last year. As you all know, transplanting trees is very stressful to the tree and this can cause the tree to die if it's not strong enough to make it or if conditions aren't favorable for that tree once it's transplanted. The larger the tree the more stressful it is to transplant that tree. Since the consensus from the citizens of Wadena was to order as tall of trees as we could to get a good head start on them, this would cause additional stress and a lower survival rate for some of those trees. We did a survey of the trees that we could see from the streets and the survival rate that we found was acceptable, but we did notice that the spruce trees were taking the transplant the hardest. In speaking with the nursery that we received those trees from, they're willing to replace 30 percent of the trees that we ordered, which should cover most if not all of the trees that we figure did not make it this year.

Also, those of you who lost trees to the tornado and didn't already receive replacement trees from our office, contact us at (218) 631-3195 and we'll have you fill out a survey and tree order form to get you some free trees for next spring. Our plan is to have trees in the last week in April. Also, anyone wishing to make a donation to the Trees for Wadena Fund can go to and click on donate! We've still got plenty of people who need trees in the spring, as well as the fairgrounds and new school, so keep those donations coming!

Molly Costin

District technician

Wadena County