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College is a true community asset

This week, M State college's campus in Wadena is celebrating 50 years. The college is a very valuable asset to the community of Wadena, one we should protect and cherish. There are many ways the college benefits the community:

• It is a job-creator: the many faculty and support staff jobs are good careers, and we have good people in those positions.

• It is a store of knowledge: the collective wisdom and learning in that building reflects a broad array of disciplines and topics, from electrical circuits to how the human anatomy works.

• It is a source of vibrancy: each fall a crop of students comes for classes, and joins our community as consumers, contributors and smiling faces. The students themselves make us better as a community.

• It is a community partner: times like June 17, 2010 tell the story of how ingrained the college is to our community: MnSCU moved quickly to repair its building to not only house its own students, but opened the doors to WDC students.

• It is a direct path to prosperity: A student who has the vision to see his or her future two years ahead can go from high school graduation to a high-skilled job -- and a high wage. Real world training can put someone with the desire into the career of their choosing by the time they're 20.

• It is a feeder of skilled people into our workforce: How many electricians, construction tradespeople, electrical linemen, nurses, accountants and others have gone right from the college into our community and made our workforce better?

We don't need to wait for an anniversary to celebrate our great college. Let's celebrate it every day.

The Pioneer Journal editorial represents the collective voice of the paper's editorial board. Today's editorial was written by Steve Schulz, editor and publisher.