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Texting not the only driving distraction

This week we feature a story about texting while driving, a growing and dangerous trend.

Many people are unaware of the law, which is why we wrote the story. Or they're unaware of all of the things that are prohibited in the law.

But texting while driving is just one part of the story. There's also eating while driving, yelling at the kids while driving, applying makeup while driving, juggling music CDs while driving, and a laundry list of other activities we seem to have integrated into our time in the car.

It's dangerous.

Stop it.

We live in a very busy world. That's true. But it's not so busy that we have to multitask while we're behind the wheel.

Too often car crashes are caused by inattentive drivers, distracted by some gadget in our cars. Some are simple fender-benders -- an annoyance, really. But others are very serious crashes that put people's lives at risk.

And all because we had to send "LOL" or "B right there" on our phones.


Let's recommit to making our time behind the wheel about getting safely where we're going. Save the texts and the distractions until your car is safely in "park."

The Pioneer Journal editorial represents the collective voice of the paper's editorial board. Today's editorial was written by Steve Schulz, editor and publisher.