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Your Letter: Dayton should resign

The picture of Mark Dayton accompanying the story "Lawmakers Pessimistic about Shutdown End" (July 9 Pioneer Journal) was very appropriate. The title could have read "This is the Sad Sack Perpetrator of the Current State Government Shutdown."

In the spirit of bipartisanship the governor could have signed the budget that was sent to him by the Legislature but he chose instead to favor partisan bickering over reasonable common sense.

Mark Dayton's plan to raise $1.7 billion from those 7,700 Minnesotans that make a million dollars a year would mean that he would have to increase the tax on each by approximately $208,000 per year. On someone making a million dollars that would equate to a raise in state taxes from 8-9 percent to about 29 percent. Couple that with a federal tax rate of 35 percent and the picture gets pretty ugly. I'm sure North or South Dakota or Wisconsin would be more than happy to take our cast off millionaires that some Minnesotans seem to hate so much.

Governor Dayton I call on you to resign as you have already shown the incredible incompetence in your term as governor as exhibited in your previous term as senator. You planned this shutdown from day one. You truly are a sad sack politician.

Bob Hunt