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Your letters: Dayton's 'tax and spend more' plan must be stopped

The Minnesota state government shutdown is both unwarranted and unnecessary. It will cost millions in additional taxpayer dollars and impose a hardship on thousands of state citizens and workers. Relevant facts and common sense do not support this drastic course of action. Both houses of the Legislature have approved a balanced budget proposal which increases overall state spending by 6 percent above the current two-year biennium and which includes important increases in K-12 education, public safety and health care funding. In total, this budget would spend $34 billion over two years and can be funded from existing revenues (taxes and fees) without raising taxes. (Minnesota is already among the five highest taxing states in the nation which negatively impacts business investment and job growth.)

Importantly, this budget also would begin the process of curbing "out of control" spending while maintaining fiscal responsibility. A recent, non-partisan public opinion survey determined that a whopping 87 percent of Minnesotans believe state spending should be "about the same" or "reduced" from current biennium spending levels.

Despite these facts, Governor Dayton stubbornly insists on pushing his "tax and spend more" agenda forcing a government shutdown. It is hard to imagine a political agenda more disconnected from "common sense" reality. Minnesota deserves better. Let your voice be heard. Call the governor's office (651) 201-3400 and tell him to put the "will of the people" ahead of partisan politics.

A.L. Kleinke