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Your letters: Do you need an apology

It amuses me to read from whiners from outside District 10 demanding multiple apologies (For liberals, one apology isn't sufficient.) from Sen. Gretchen Hoffman. (PJ, June 25, 2011: John Branstad, Madison Lake, Minn.)

Perhaps liberals from California should be demanding an amplified apology as well! As for a secret apology ... I kneel in the confessional at St. Frederick's church in front of a priest and very quietly say that I am sorry to God for my sins. So, I don't see what the big deal is.

If you're really hard up for an apology, I suggest you ask her for one. It [may] just count as an apology. Then you and others should be very happy liberals.

Only God will know for sure if she meant it. In the mean time, quit your whining.

Chad Dickey Sr.