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Your letters: Constituents deserve an apology

Senator Hoffman needs to apologize to her constituents for her behavior at the state Legislature.

People who serve in the Legislature have a position of trust. She violated that trust! Her constituents may not always agree with her decisions, but one would expect that she would be sensitive to people who are different and have mental health issues, instead of degrading the mentally ill.

What makes it worse is that Senator Hoffman has worked with the mentally ill -- as a nurse. It seems that she violated her "Nightingale Pledge" as a former nurse as well: "I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous ..."

The Ethics Committee included equal representation from the parties and thus there is no side stepping an apology. These are serious times and we need serious, respectful people representing us! Senator Hoffman is an embarrassment to our district and Minnesota.

Jerry Horgen