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Your letters: Hoffman rumor a lot like 'party lines'

I remember many years ago when we lived in rural Wadena County. Our phone line was shared by several other rural residents. The line was referred to as a "party line." There were several instances where nosy people would "listen in" to our conversations. When a click was heard, you knew someone was listening in. When the person was confronted they would silently hang up. Of course the gossip and rumors flew around the area.

This reminded me of Greg Van Hee's continued gossip and vicious rumor message he is spreading as a result of him being a stalwart follower of the left wing media. He is simply spreading what "he heard" and spreading it around the area. If Sen. Gretchen Hoffman, to whom he's referring, sent a quote on Twitter, then you can trust that the quote was correct but the left wing media and their followers as usual took it out of context. This gives liberals and "town criers" an opportunity to gossip and spread rumors. There sole purpose is to demonize a solid and outstanding representative for our district. That's all Greg Van Hee's letter to the editor demonstrated. Next time have the courage to put her name on it.

Chad Dickey Sr., Wadena