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Your letters: Dayton to blame for budget impasse

I have said numerous times how helpful it would be for Gov. Dayton to become active in the budget-setting process instead of sitting back and "negotiating" through the media.

A couple of announcements the governor made late last week left folks on both sides of the aisle flabbergasted. Not only is the governor refusing to allow his commissioners to sit down with legislative leaders to help work out a budget, but he also wants to involve a mediator in the process.

I believe Minnesotans sent us to the Capitol to make important decisions and trust us to get the job done. This is a time when we should be showing leadership by doing what's best for Minnesota, not asking someone else to come in and do the heavy lifting for us. We face a state shutdown in July if a budget is not in place by then, so it is time to roll up our sleeves and take care of business.

Unfortunately, legislative leaders have found themselves alone at the budget table as the governor stayed away most of the regular session and now his commissioners have been barred from attending. The good news is House and Senate leaders were scheduled to visit with the governor late last week, so maybe they can get things headed in the right direction.

It is disappointing a potential state shutdown is even a topic of discussion because we already sent the governor a responsible, balanced budget. All he had to do was sign his name a few times and our work would be finished. The plan he vetoed accommodates natural economic growth with a 6 percent spending increase, yet remains within the $34 billion limits of our projected revenue.

I am still optimistic we will overcome these latest curveballs the governor has thrown and find a budget solution before the end of the month. Maybe it is one of those things where negotiations had to hit rock bottom before we could start making real progress.

Rep. Mark Murdock