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Your letters: Charge of 'mean spirited' equivalent to playing the race card

Last week Jerry Horgen of Henning accused Senator Hoffman of misquoting senator Barb Goodwin. I watched the senate video feed of Senator Goodwin's statement and she said exactly what she was criticized for. Maybe she meant to say it different but at that time she did not correct it and Senator Hoffman's criticism was posted three minutes after Senator Goodwin's statement.

In his letter Jerry said Senator Hoffman's defense of marriage is "mean spirited." That's just like calling someone racist because they disagree with President Obama. Homosexuals have the same rights and protections under the law as anyone else, no less, but no more. Marriage is between a man and a woman as much as water is wet. Calling two people of the same sex married is equivalent to calling water dry.

A civil union can have all the rights of a marriage so what is gained by attacking marriage? Defending marriage is not "mean spirited" or treating someone like a "second class citizen" as Jerry suggested in his letter. Attacking marriage could just as easily be called mean spirited. And as for Jerry's claim that senator Hoffman "trashed" education, that was done long before she took office.

I'm not picking on Jerry. Letting emotions override logic is a common human trait that we're all guilty of at times.

Daniel DeYonge