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Your letters: Hoffman's stances indefensible

It would appear that Senator Hoffman is at it again. Now, she has an ethics complaint against her. First she "trashes" education, then favors allowing lakeshore variances to become easier to get, thus increasing the probability of damage to our lakes, and then she pushes her mean-spirited amendment on gay marriage.

I find it is interesting that men and women can go to Iraq/Afghanistan and fight for our country and then come back and be treated like second-class citizens. As a Vietnam Era veteran who served as a corpsman with the 3rd Marine Division, taking care of the wounded, I served with gays. They served just as well as any other person and simply wanted to be treated like everyone else. The good Lord simply made them different and isn't America all about being accepting of differences? We may believe that marriage is between one man and one woman and that's our belief and yet, we need to accept if two people of the same sex wish to have the same commitment. Iowa hasn't changed since it has allowed gay marriage. This senator is mean-spirited and lacks the understanding and compassion of people who are simply different. The only way one can think of this senator is to think of the movie, "One Who Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and remember the nurse in that movie ... what was her name?

Jerry Horgen