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Your Letters:Time to live within our means

The legislators sent a budget to the governor that is $1.8 billion more than the present budget, the highest in history. But that's not enough for our governor, he wants more.

He wants to tax the rich so he can spend more. What happens when the "rich" decide to move their business to Wisconsin, Iowa, or North and South Dakota? Where do our jobs and tax base go then. Come on governor, get real. No new taxes, no new spending, live within our means. That's what we have to do. How many of us has gotten a raise in the last few years? I'm on Social Security and since the "cost of living" hasn't gone up lately, I haven't had a "raise" in two years not to mention the years before that with the state of the economy.

What have I and many, many, others done? Have we spent more than we have, nooooooooo, we lived and continue to live within our means. Let's try that at the state level and maybe someday we could try it at the national level.

Terry Mickunas