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Your Letters: At least fifth-graders aren't bankrupting us

Last week Jerry Miller from Sebeka wrote a letter criticizing Minnesota Republican legislators for acting like fifth-graders. The other day I stopped by my daughter's school and I noticed that the fifth-graders were not wastefully increasing government spending and raising taxes to cover their waste either. I guess Jerry was right.

To close his letter Jerry Miller wrote: "It is time for the Minnesota Republicans to abandon their blind ideology and admit that the state needs more money in its coffers." The Minnesota Republicans' "blind ideology" of not raising taxes no matter how much we need to is in response to the Minnesota Democrats' blind ideology of not living within a budget no matter how much we need to. I realize government needs money from us to operate.

Just remember, Republican legislators call it a tax because the people have to pay it. Governor Dayton and the Democrat legislators call it "revenue" because they get to spend it.

Daniel DeYonge