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Your Letter: No need to see the photos

That Osama bin Laden was unarmed is a complete non-issue. Do we really think that in their precarious, unimaginably dangerous situation that men as good at what they do as the Navy Seals did not realize that he who hesitates is dead?

Now I listen to a commentator on CNN's telling me the president owes us a viewing of Osama bin Laden's dead body because we are taxpayers. Wait a minute. Obama doesn't just have to consider the politics connected with such a short-sighted claim. Far more importantly, he also has to consider the effect of what he does on the lives of our courageous volunteer Armed Forces. If seeing this body means the recruitment of one more fanatical suicide bomber, I don't want to see it. My very small sacrifice of paying taxes amounts to nothing next to what our soldiers are putting on the line in the Middle East every day.

Finally, to those inclined to start another mindless conspiracy around the issue of such photos, do you really believe even the president would lie about or mess with what an outfit as tough as the Navy Seals accomplished?

Greg Van Hee