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Your Letters: Results of 10B survey released

Hundreds of area residents participated in the legislative survey I recently conducted. The responses - including additional comments provided - are very valuable to me.

The state's $5 billion budget shortfall is at the forefront at the Capitol and, at 46 percent, survey respondents far and away identify this as the top issue Minnesota faces. A 77 percent majority say we should cut spending and government programs to balance the budget, while 23 percent favor tax increases. Furthermore a huge 86 percent of the respondents say we should limit state spending to actual revenue in order to prevent future shortfalls; that is the most lopsided response on the survey.

The second most popular choice for issues Minnesota faces is job creation, at 15 percent. Nearly 80 percent say the best way to help people return to work is by reducing business taxes to encourage entrepreneurs. Borrowing money to fund construction projects receives support from just 20 percent of the participants.

We also asked local folks what is most important to them regarding health care. An 80 percent majority say freedom to choose doctors and clinics, compared with 20 percent who choose government-run health care.

There are proposals to require voters to present photo ID at the polls and 77 percent of the survey participants support this plan.

The Minnesota Vikings stadium issue continues to arise in St. Paul, but 58 percent of the folks who responded say the state should not assist in construction funding. For those who do want the state to participate, 45 percent favor user taxes applied to goods and services purchased by football fans.

We also are investigating ways to meet future energy needs and 79 percent indicate nuclear power should be considered as an option. The Legislature passed a bill this session to lift the current moratorium on looking into increasing our nuclear energy production.

Thanks again to all those who provided me with input through this survey. The complete set of results may be found at my legislative website:

Rep. Mark Murdock