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Your Letters: Trump's travails

One need only observe the contrast in the way President Obama and Donald Trump accept criticism to decide which personality is better suited for leadership.

A grown up learns to take and even welcome criticism as a helpful means of seeing himself and his conduct more accurately. The Donald is arrested in that stage of infancy where he whines, snivels and becomes very angry when others do not give him what he wants. He is far from even reaching that commendable stage of early adolescence when one at least sees himself clearly enough to admit mistakes or being wrong. It is truly laughable that Trump should attempt to denigrate Robert De Niro when the great actor's work on screen will still be viewed long, long after Donald Trump is nothing more than an insignificant footnote in some obscure book about our era, if he gets that much historical reference.

It bothers this reader that there was a time when the media wasn't so hungry for sales in this country and would have given little if any attention to this hair apparent to nothing more edifying than gratuitous self-promotion. After all, isn't it necessary eventually to ignore the caterwauling of a badly spoiled child?

Greg Van Hee