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Your Letters: Time for a deficit detox

Deficit reduction? I don't think so.

Both John Boehner and the Democrats agree that stopping the Democrats from increasing spending is equal to a spending cut. John Boehner and the Democrats also agree that the cure for the federal government's spending addiction is an increased credit card (debt) limit.

Paul Ryan proposed deficit reduction through budget reduction only to have President Obama give him a front row seat at Ryan's own public lynching. In the same lynching/campaign speech, President Obama attempted to deflect attention from his own mammoth addition to the deficit by saying the rich are not paying enough taxes. I'm sure Mr. Obama was including Jeffrey Immelt, the job czar and ceo of General Electric, who made GE $14 billion tax free dollars last year (maybe they'll make it up in campaign contributions). And by the way, if all the money from the "rich" was confiscated it might be enough to fund the federal government for a year.

Every year the federal government borrows from foreign countries (like China) to give out billions in unnecessary foreign aid, subsidies and to fund entitlement programs that continue to grow well beyond sustainability. And yet there are advertisements everywhere to further expand entitlement programs.

Pauline Lease once said that without all of our wonderful government entitlement spending we would be a third world country. A perfect third world recipe is a power hungry government spending in order to increase it's power and a public that has become dependent on government spending. And when the federal government's borrowing and printing of money hits the fan, as witnessed in Greece and Wisconsin, dependency detox will not be pretty.

Daniel DeYonge