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Your Letters:Who is responsible for supervising STS inmates?

On April 15, a man who was only incarcerated for two weeks was released to work on a Sentence to Serve crew in Verndale. That man, in turn, escaped and fled to his only known residence in Aldrich. At that residence was an innocent person who was enjoying their day off and relieved that the inmate was "locked-up" and unable to cause a nuisance in their life.

The issue with this scenario is that, even though the inmate was "in custody," it was very easy for him to walk away and cause mayhem to an innocent person's weekend. That innocent person spent the weekend in the Wadena County Jail and is facing two very serious charges because someone was not doing their job and supervising these inmates.

My complaint or question, if you will, is, "Who is responsible for supervising Sentence to Serve inmates?" Who would be to blame if this occurred again and this time an innocent person was killed?

I can only assume that "protocol" was not being followed!

Mike Stanek