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Your Letters: Greed and lobbyists

During city council members' discussions about the community center, our District 10 Senator Gretchen Hoffman and District 10B Rep. Mark Murdock said, "You're replacing more then what you had." "How do you justify that?" (Referring to the wellness center.)

Wadena citizens shouldn't be surprised; all of our liberal city council members rejected that argument. So, the city council decided to hire a lobbyist for a hefty taxpayer subsidized sum of $10,000 to try and obtain $13 million more for a wellness center. And to top that off, they are putting "it's for the benefit of the hospital" label on it! Isn't it crazy to what extent liberals will do to obtain more money we don't have? It just astounds me! They didn't like the advice of our elected representatives so now the city council is asking for Dan Skogen's advice. What's up with that?

I recommend the city council liberals ought to go AWOL to the next adjacent voting district so they can cry.

Finally, I urge fiscally minded citizens to call Sen. Gretchen Hoffman and Rep. Mark Murdock and ask that they stop any additional funding for this nonsense. Remember more toys the city has the more every year it costs to maintain those toys. Not cheap! Remember it's going to raise your property taxes too. Oh, to the liberals. It's not a rich vs. poor debate either.

And I hate to bust Greg Van Hee's intellectual bubble (Pioneer Journal, April 9), but student test scores are a direct reflection on the teachers of our young people. I'll use a true scenario based on my experience in the 21-plus years I spent in the U.S. Army and 10 years as a Special Forces/Green Beret soldier.

The non-commissioned officer's number one responsibility in the Army is training his subordinates. From basic skill level 1 tasks to skill level 5. Skill levels are based on his/her rank. In order for a sergeant's subordinates to react in combat, it requires him to be constantly training his soldiers so they can react quickly and sometimes without thinking. In other words, the training or learned material becomes second nature.

Commanders use the Skill Qualification Tests to gauge the sergeants with the soldier's results of a particular skill level test. The end results of the leaders'/teachers' training is seen in war as whether he survives on the battlefield. If the sergeant is a dirt bag, chances are his subordinate is going to be one as well. That sergeant should be demoted or removed from the Army.

So, regardless of all the fancy programs by other countries' teachers used to instruct their people, the fact remains. The success of her students is solely related to the teacher, her teaching technique and willingness for them to succeed.

Greg Van Hee should be able to recall, that we never used to have this problem. We used to be ranked up with the highest levels and we didn't use Finland's or some other communist country's teaching techniques. Foreign country students continue to stream into our universities to party -- right! Or are they here to teach the professors left-wing socialist ideology. Let's not be so naïve to conclude that some of our teachers are being protected while hiding behind those union dues. They need to be replaced but are protected by union tenure. How are the results of the teachers unions working out for you? You figure it out!

Chad Dickey Sr.