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Your Letters: Keep it up, Sen. Hoffman

After reading the articles in the Twin Cities newspapers and their online blogs, I have even more respect for our Senator Gretchen Hoffman than when I voted for her last November.

What I am reading is that she really did mean it when she promised to go to Saint Paul and cut the out-of-control spending in our state government. She has voted in several bills to cut waste and curb fraud in health care programs and government operations, to eliminate state welfare credit cards being used in gambling casinos, Hawaiian resorts and liquor stores.

And her work in committees to expose and cut unnecessary jobs and payroll expenses in some bloated governmental agencies and departments has got the government labor unions so angry with her that there are days when several Capitol police have to escort her and other conservative lawmakers around the halls of the Legislature to ensure her safety from the threats of the unions.

It's obvious that we have sent a courageous woman to St. Paul to clean up the mess, to help create conditions which will once again make Minnesota an attractive place for businesses to locate or expand, and to create the jobs we have lost because of the heavy burden of liberal government spending.

So, attagirl, Gretchen Hoffman! Keep up the good work, and we will keep praying for you.

Jerome Mullins

Fergus Falls