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Your Letters: Is going green worth the cost?

Does going "green" really save energy or "save the planet"? What is the total cost and energy consumption of recycling plastic, glass, etc., as opposed to the cost of producing them?

What is the total cost and energy consumption of manufacturing, transporting and maintaining a wind turbine opposed to the amount of electricity it will produce in its lifetime? And when it's worn out or obsolete how much energy and taxpayer subsidies will it take to replace/remove it? And of course the turbines' huge concrete base (often covering prime farm land) needs to be factored in as well.

Does a solar panel produce enough electricity in its lifetime to pay for the cost of manufacturing it? How much fossil fuel is used to transport corn seed, work the fields, harvest it and then transport it again so we can subsidize it and burn it instead of eat it? Ask a local farmer or contractor how well the taxpayer subsidized government-mandated bio diesel works compared to regular diesel.

Many of us were environmentally friendly long before "going green" became the latest fad. But there is a huge difference between green and politically correct green. Spending a dollar of taxpayer money to save a dime of energy is not going to save our economy. And making a size 12 "carbon footprint" to save a carbon toenail of energy is not going to save "Mother Earth."

Before you jump on the green band wagon, instead of listening to the song the band is playing, ask yourself: Where is it going?

Daniel DeYonge