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Your Letters: President needs to address taxes, gas price

President Obama reminds me of the Roman dictator who played the fiddle while Rome burned. He plays golf, shows the world how much he knows about basketball and takes a trip to South America. The United States is burning. We are at 8.9 percent unemployment. Gas is headed for $4 per gallon. Groceries prices are on the increase.

President Obama, it is time for you to lead. We don't need to know how much you know about basketball or watch you play golf on TV. Those of us who are on fixed incomes are starting to feel the pain. Look at the delinquent taxes reported in the Review Messenger. Their are a lot of people who can't pay their property taxes. When gas goes over $4 per gallon, everything else increases and pretty soon people can't pay their bills. We don't need to see you on TV twice a week making speeches, playing basketball and golfing. We need a leader who understands we are in trouble. I have a feeling that your years as a community organizer aren't much help when it comes to running the United States.

John Finnegan