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Your Letters: Snow removal helps us do our jobs

I would like to commend all the people who do such a great job of cleaning their sidewalks and steps for all paper, mail carriers and delivery people.

I know sometimes it is hard to do with all the snow we are getting this year, but it makes everyone's job so much easier when you take the time to sweep or shovel off your steps and sidewalks. So many people clean up to their steps, but forget to do the steps. This can be very dangerous for us, as when they are covered with snow, it is not always easy to tell where the step is and could result in a sprained or broken ankle for someone, including yourself or a family member.

Those of you who clean a path from your place to your neighbor's and also from your sidewalk to the street are truly going the extra mile. You have no idea how much this helps us and how much time it saves us and how many steps it saves us. Also, please remember, when you have a tube or box that we need to drive up to, it needs to have the snow removed from around, in front off and past it, so we are able to drive up to it and please, keep it cleaned out of snow. I know it gets to be a tiring job this winter, but we have to do it ourselves for our own carriers. I find that if I take the broom, I can usually just sweep the snow off the steps at my house, unless, of course, we get a lot. It is so much easier to do before people walk on it and pack it down. Hope everyone has a great winter and a great rest of the year.

Helen Allee