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Your Letters: Tea Party is here to stay

Very often in today's world what the voters define themselves as -- Democrat or Republican -- and what those at the leadership of the party do is quite different.

First of all, most of what gets done legislatively is done with special interest in mind and at the expense of the opposition. Be specific! OK, I will: pork barrel legislation from both parties, new taxes (just a little bit more, but only for a short time), and special definitions of the laws to satisfy constituencies. Am I picking on one party? No! Not necessarily -- they both do it.

Last summer the people rose up and said no more. One party called them names that should be called hate speech, if there should be such a thing. The other accepted their votes, but now that they got back some power they really don't want "those people" -- those "tea baggers" in the way.

"Those people" make up about 40 percent of popular support -- the same number that the progressive left and country club Republicans make up together.

Those so called "tea baggers" have no problem organizing and attending their own town hall meetings. All are invited to attend. All are invited to speak, including all politicians who come to the meeting.

Most of the "tea baggers" leave for work before 7 a.m. and most don't get home until after 6 p.m., or used to before they retired. Most of them believe in the same God as their grandparents who founded our republic. Most of them have kids and grandkids that they love dearly and want to pass a Constitutionally free, safe and prosperous America. They don't burn cars or buildings. They pay most of the taxes. They used to be so busy with work, raising a family and community events that it was easiest to trust what they heard on TV or read somewhere about political parties. They believed the slogans "I'll fight for you" or "He's one of us." Not now! Now they make time for political activity -- they squeeze it in. They want to know who they hired, what their decisions are going to cost, and they may hire new people each election term if the job wasn't done good enough.

The town hall meetings won't go away. Most of the attendees are Blue Dogs, libertarians and conservatives. They big media will still sarcastically call them "tea baggers" but the bottom line is, of the people, by the people and for the people. This time "those people" are in it all the way. Too much at stake.

Bob Thompson

Pelican Rapids