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Your Letters: Proud of the spirit of cooperation

What a wonderful time of year is this week of thanks and giving. This community has so much to be grateful for, much of which is brought into clearer focus by the aftermath of our storm experiences.

It is humbling to reflect upon the courage and strength of all those we have witnessed lead and labor for the good of others. How rewarding it is to be part of a community willing to demonstrate public compassion, to display the ease with which unnecessary boundaries can disappear, to organize and maintain the energy to help anyone and everyone rebuild and recover.

How wonderful to be part of a community where the often-negative "they" has been supplanted with the pride of "we," where different priorities and differences of opinion are enthusiastically explored, where selfless giving is the overriding power source with which we are caring for neighbors and building anew, so the future can be "better than before." How easy it is to smile with pride about all the amazing and magnificent people that make up this region we call west central Minnesota. What a place to live!

Our city, county and school district officials, individual citizens as well as businesses and social organizations have, for five months now, displayed a collective collaboration largely (not completely, because we are after all human) absent of infighting and short-sighted bickering. That is indeed taking the high road, and surely deserves high praise.

Is it too much to pray for, that this might be the legacy of our storm experience; that years from now others are still amazed that a diverse community such as this could remain for so many years through so very many challenges almost exclusively on the high road? Why not? If not us, than who?

Dave Evert