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Your Letters: Marvelous care at Fair Oaks

I recently visited with Helen (Boen) Scheer, a patient at Fair Oaks lodge recovering from recent hip surgery.

She voiced a very strong opinion on the wonderful facility and care she has received at Fair Oaks and felt that Wadena area people should be told of the facility and its doings.

Her first thought was of the good care and caring, compassionate feelings of all of the personnel from nurses' aides to nurses and other personnel. She commented on how clean the facility is and the fact that it never smells like a nursing home and the good food served in a wondrous dining room with such an exceptional view.

Her next comment was on the therapy department and what a good job they are doing.

I hope that the local folks realize what a gem they have in this establishment and give due credit to the management and personnel of this institution and their parent group, Tri-County Health Care.

Bob Zosel