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Your Letters: Skogen has worked hard for the district

Your State Senator, Dan Skogen, deserves the credit for the inclusion of emergency relief funding for the Wadena area in the special session bill.

Senator Skogen's priority in the last few weeks has been ensuring that some of the money needed to help the community and the region recover from the summer's most damaging storm will be included in the forthcoming Special Session. Senator Skogen made sure that negotiations on this emergency relief bill included Wadena's interests, which was no easy task. He was the strongest voice fighting for the Wadena community during the negotiations, and without his support, presence and knowledge of the situation, Wadena may have been overlooked or short-changed.

In my years of working alongside Senator Skogen in the Legislature, I have time and again found him to be a tireless worker on behalf of his district. As Wadena continues the process of recovering and rebuilding, the dollars secured via Senator Skogen's hard work will go a long way towards making the community even more vibrant than before the June 17 tornado.

Residents of Wadena should be proud their Senator Dan Skogen puts the needs of his community first.

Larry Pogemiller

Senate Majority Leader