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Your Letters: Truly representing Wadena/Bluffton?

I would like to commend Senator Dan Skogen on his work to get Wadena included on the emergency funding at the Special Session that was held. I agree that we need to get started on some projects while the opportunities are available.

I appreciate the work that Senator Skogen has put forth in the effort to help Wadena recover. We heard Senator Skogen testified and heard what his feelings are, but I do not remember hearing that Representative Mark Murdock testified. My question is, if what I heard was true that our Representative Murdock was not there? If not, why? Is the recovery of Wadena not an important issue for him?

I know that with an election coming up and a town struggling to recover, I would like to know that both my senator and representative are working for all the people in the Wadena/Bluffton area, not just those of a particular party. Senator Skogen has repeatedly shown his devotion to our district. Representative Murdock? I am from the Wadena/Bluffton area. I must just be CONFUSED!

An independent voter,

Carol Rohr