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Your Letters: Won't vote Democrat, but not a happy Republican either

As a social conservative who believes in limited government, I am a lifelong Republican. In recent years that has become embarrassing for the following reasons:

1. George W. Bush

2. Tim Pawlenty

3. Michele Bachmann

4. Sarah Palin

5. Newt Gingrich

6. John Boehner

7. Mitch McConnell

8. Marty Seifert

9. Tom Emmer

10. John McCain

11. The Tea Party

Let me elaborate:

Bush: His ego trip into Iraq has to be one of our worst ever foreign policy blunders, and his No Child Left Behind Act is hurting our schools. His penchant for deficit spending made him look like a Democrat.

Pawlenty: His enormous arrogance makes me think that he believes that he alone knows how the state should be run. His refusal to meet the Democrats halfway on fiscal matters is putting our state treasury deeper into trouble all the time.

Bachmann and Palin: They're kind of cute cheerleaders for their age, but that's all they are. Their rhetoric exists solely for the purpose of energizing the base, and is not to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, while energizing the base it is also shrinking the base.

Gingrich: Barack Obama is a centrist president, and Gingrich's attempts to portray him as a socialist are unfair to Obama and to America.

Boehner and McConnell: Their automatic opposition to everything Obama makes me think they are courting the KKK types.

Seifert: As House minority leader, his intolerance of any member of his caucus who crossed party lines was galling to me. Excuse me, Marty, but when I vote to send Mark Murdock to St. Paul, I expect him to represent our district instead of being one of Pawlenty's patsies.

Emmer: He promises to continue the Pawlenty tyranny.

McCain: He gave us Sarah Palin (and Levi Johnston).

The Tea Party: In the 1970s, the left wing anarchists wanted to overthrow the government. Today the right wing anarchists want to bankrupt the government. I challenge those who think our government is so evil to spend a month in Somalia, where there is no government. If they survived the 30 days, they would return to the USA with a new appreciation for our nation, and they might even be willing to pay taxes.

Unfortunately, electoral defeat is the only thing that will wrest control of the GOP from the right wing extremists.

So why am I still a Republican? Well, if I were a Democrat, I would associate myself with the party that gave us Hubert Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, Paul Wellstone, Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi, and the poor depraved souls who think it's OK to murder a child before it is born but a crime to spank said child during its formative years. That would be even more demeaning.

Jerry Miller