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Your Letters: Write-in Nolte for sheriff

This will be a protest vote against the current administration. I feel that common sense has been lost in the Wadena County sheriff's department. They are out looking and in some cases causing a problem, rather than solving the problem when there is trouble.

I realize that the sheriff's job is a very political position, but there should be more to it than that. There needs to be sense of what is a real problem and what should have the book thrown at it.

I have no experience at all in the law enforcement field. So if elected I would take a 20 percent pay cut right off the top.

Political experience I have a lot of. I am currently president of the local Minnesota Cattlemen's Association and I sit on the Minnesota State Cattlemen's Association as the state cow/calf chairman for the last two years.

Although I know being elected is a long shot, a vote for me will tell the current administration that they need to change a few things.

So if you feel that a change is needed, write-in Tim Nolte for Wadena County sheriff.

Tim Nolte

Wadena County