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Your Letters: Vote Republican on Nov. 2

Today is the 24th day before Election Day. Are you registered to vote? How many candidates have you done research on? How many have you met when they come to town even going door-to-door wanting to meet you?

The sample ballot will soon be printed in the paper for more information. So on Nov. 2, you can walk right up to your precinct table, sign the polling place roster, receive your ballot and vote. And shame on anyone who says "my vote doesn't count" when in parts of our world people still go to vote when there is a chance they will be killed.

If you want to be represented by a candidate, vote for him. As for me, the Republican party is the one I most align with. People of the party write planks that form our platform. We expect our candidates to work toward these objectives if elected. Some of these are:

• Reduce taxes, spending and regulation to create opportunities for American families and businesses.

• Support a law-abiding citizen's right to carry concealed weapons to defend themselves.

• Believe that educational funding is better allocated by parents, through tax credits and deductions, than by government bureaucrats.

• Republicans understand that every human being, born and unborn, has an inalienable right to life. We believe that laws should be passed to prohibit partial birth abortion and forced funding for elective abortions. We support adoption and oppose special rights for homosexuals.

• Believe in a strong national defense.

Why should we keep the people representing us who won't stop spending when we are broke?

And does it make sense to tax those businesses who are still in Minnesota more than the rest of us? They will then go wherever they can make a profit or go out of business. Why be jealous of them when with their profit they would be able to offer people jobs and contribute to the health of the state.

We the people will decide on Nov. 2. God bless America.

Muriel Juers