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Your Letters: Minnesota's socialist takeover of health care

Recently I have been noticing the yard signs going up in support of one candidate or the other for state senator in District 10.

It seems some facts need to be presented to all who are voting for either candidate regarding their stance on Universal Health Care in Minnesota, as there is a Senate Bill, SF118, and a House Bill, HF135, pending in the Minnesota Capitol.

Both bills mandate a single payer universal health care system for the state of Minnesota. Anyone can and I encourage everyone to look online and read the text. It's not that long of a bill.

Read the senate bill for yourself. The House bill is a mirror image of the Senate Bill.

A few of the high or low points of these bills are:

1. They both create three new bureaucracies in the state of Minnesota. More government jobs for more cronies.

2. Subd.2. (4.24) mandates that everyone be issued identification to determine health care service eligibility.

3. Subd.6. (5.8 -5.16) describes how retirees will be allowed to "keep" their plans except the plan must pay the state and the state will pay the medical bills. What if you are not satisfied with the services received? Well you can go to the new grievance office and file a grievance! I think we all know how well complaining to the government works.

Section 3 62V.21 Subrogation: this section explains the "other" sources of income for this state sponsored socialism. The list includes: your homeowners policy, (3) pension plans; (4) employer plans; (5) employee benefit contracts (6) government benefit programs (7) a judgment for damages for personal injury; and (8) any third party who is or may be liable to an individual for health care services or costs. Sounds to me like our homeowners is going to increase because of added exposure, any money you may gain from a personal injury suit will be attached; the state is going to pursue your money for their socialist plan. Number 8 sounds to me like the state will be coming after you if you are found to be at fault for someone tripping on your sidewalk. This is a clear and present redistribution of wealth.

4. Subd.4 Exclusions: The following health care services shall be excluded from coverage by the Minnesota Health Plan: (1) health care services determined to have no medical benefit by the board;

Now the fine politicians and their cronies appointed to some board are going to decide what is the best treatment for you and your family for any given medical issue? Are we still in the U.S. or are we in the USSR? I think we are all smart enough to make these decisions without the help of the state of Minnesota. How dare anyone think they know what is best for my family and me when it comes to our health.

5. Here is the best and to me the most important section: Article 7 Subd.3. (The sponsors and authors must have purposely left this for last: "Article 7 Subd. 3. Prohibition. On and after the day the Minnesota Health Plan becomes operational, a health plan, as defined in Minnesota Statutes, section 62Q.01, subdivision 3, may not be sold in Minnesota for services provided by the Minnesota Health Plan."

So much for keeping your own health care in this state. If you look up the definition of health plan it clearly means any health care insurance you may have.

We have DFL members complaining about job loss in Minnesota, yet we have state senators and house members wanting to pass a huge tax on the individual and businesses in the name of socialized medicine. Mr. Dayton and the DFL wonder why jobs are going to South Dakota? No wonder they have chosen the Farm Labor wording kinda like the Hammer and Sickle of the Communist Party.

I contacted my Senator, Mr. Skogen, about this bill and he said he was in favor of HF 135. He also neglected to tell me he was a coauthor of SF 118 -- wonder why? Wish he had been honest in his e-mail. I also contacted Ms. Hoffman who stands firmly against this bill. She was clear and concise on her viewpoint.

My point is this: there is a very clear choice to be made in District 10 and in all of the districts in Minnesota. If you vote for Mr. Skogen and the other DFL candidates and we also are unfortunate enough to get Mr. Dayton as governor you will be supporting the socialist take over of your decisions on health care that reaches far, far beyond health care and deep into your pocket. Or you can vote for Ms. Hoffman and hope to stop this attack on our freedom and right to work and spend our money as we see fit. The choice is ours. We all need to stop looking for the government to "give" us something and start working for what we want. It is time to take personal responsibility and pride and reject the control of our lives by the select few in St. Paul and Washington.

As for the sportsman supporting a certain candidate I would hope that you rescind that support in favor of supporting a candidate who supports all of your rights including the Second Amendment.

Jeff Nardello