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Your Letters: Congress members work for us, right?

Our Congressmen have been chosen by us to represent us, not themselves. Why is it they have not given up one thing during these trying times?

They have the best medical care, pensions no matter how long they've served even if they were found to be corrupt in office. Their cost-of-living-adjustments are granted every year -- no one turns it down, I'm sure, but they ask us to do without. They haven't passed this yet, but are planning to do so.

While representing us, they go make speeches and get paid for them, keeping the money. Aren't we their employers and the money should be ours, except for expenses?

While campaigning, they collect money to run for office. If not running again, they keep the money and use it for lobbying, etc. for their new employers. This money should belong to the party they represented for future elections instead and not be allowed to be lobbyists for 10 years after leaving office.

Ellen Bacon