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Your Letters: A tale of two hockey arenas

What a coincidence, Wadena isn't going to get a new hockey arena, and a handful of hockey parents are upset.

Here in Fergus Falls, we are getting a new hockey arena and the whole town is upset.

That's right, the Fergus Falls City Council took it upon themselves to push this hockey arena through so a handful of kids will have a place to play hockey. It was not put to a referendum. The reason it was not put to a referendum was because the city council stated earlier they knew it wouldn't pass.

Twice we as registered voters signed more than 1,000 petitions to put this to a referendum, and both times the mayor and the city council thumbed their noses at us, and hired their attorneys to shoot us down.

Now the city council here in Fergus Falls says we have a choice -- do we want to raise our property taxes or a sales tax, or both?

By the way, the low bid for the new hockey arena came in over $3 million over estimate.

It is a complete mess here in Fergus Falls. Why? Because a handful of parents want a place for little Johnny to play hockey.

There are differences between the two hockey arenas, though.

With the high unemployment and with a bad economy, a new hockey arena in Fergus Falls or Wadena at this time just doesn't make sense. However, the big difference is what happened on June 17 in Wadena. Apparently, Kay Browne and a handful of hockey parents don't know a tornado went through Wadena.

It did a lot of damage. The school was destroyed, many houses were lost, the swimming pool was destroyed and many are still without a place to call home.

I grew up in Bluffton and graduated from WDC in 1974. I have friends and relatives who lost everything in this tornado. Getting a new hockey arena is not on their list of things to get done first.

To Kay Browne and the hockey parents who want this arena over fixing up Wadena first, I have one thing to say to you. Shame on you.

I would like you to visit some of the tornado victims and tell them that you think a new hockey arena is more important than a place you can call home.

Mayor Wolden has his priorities straight.

Don Roggenkamp

Fergus Falls