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Your Letters: Get informed, then vote

Today, Saturday, Sept. 4, is the 59th day before the general election. Have you been educating yourself on the issues?

• Health care

• Energy: cap and trade

• Terrorism and national defense

• Values and family

• Courts

• Immigration

• Taxes and job creation

• Government spending

There definitely is a difference between candidates, and the legislators who have been in office need to be accountable for how they voted.

The people we vote in will determine how our state functions. My wish would be for us to choose people with plain, common sense who will work out the large problems Minnesota has by protecting our freedoms and following the Constitution.

In the last 10 years, 54,000 people exited Minnesota. I can only guess what happens if taxes are raised still more. When the state is broke, don't borrow more. Find places to cut and keep a lid on taxes.

We need people who follow God's love for people in not promoting abortions and euthanasia. Bring us back to "one nation under God."

Fifty-nine days before the election -- are you registered to vote?

Muriel Juers