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Your Letters: Here comes Christmas in October

Will it soon be Christmas in October? It comes every two years. Most of the time it's not the big one that comes every four years with the presidential race. But this may be the most important ever.

Christmas because the party in power will have presents for all before we go to the polls. They take our credit card and buy us stuff and we are happy for the subsidy and re-elect them. There is a catch, however. We really don't have the money to pay for all presents but they'll charge it to our kids. They haven't completely maxed out those cards yet.

The biggest year ever because this bunch in power, right now, might break us financially before we get them out of power. Not just Barack Obama and all his appointees but elected officials serving the 7th District as well. Amy Klobuchar and Hollywood Al Franken have stood behind Harry Reid on all the major bills -- bills so important that there wasn't time to read them. Bills so important that they had to be passed right away. Bills paid for with a $1.5 trillion debt for the year and more in years to come.

In the House, there was our Blue Dog representative who supports the 7th District less than liberal stances on many issues. Well, not all the time. If there's a really crucial vote where Nancy Pelosi needs him, I'm sure an excuse can be found to support it. That's what the term Blue Dog really means.

Since Barack and Harry Reid need 60 votes in the Senate to send us pork for Christmas, Mark Ritchie, our secretary of state, and other elves in ACORN gave us Al Franken for senator two Christmases ago. They gave votes to a lot of people in our precinct we didn't know and probably never will, either. That one I don't quite understand. I thought he and they were impartial.

The unions will pull the sleigh again. Millions in legal political ads will be spent by then supporting pro-union candidates. Those candidates make sure that if they get union support all is well in pay, benefits and jobs. Doesn't matter if non-union people have to pay for it. Right teachers' union.

If it's left up to some this Christmas, there will be no manger scenes, 10 Commandments or Pledge of Allegiance. We don't want anyone to feel bad.

Illegals may be given the right to vote and numerous benefits at our expense.

The banks, Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, will get more bailouts, and women can keep the right to choose.

The question of the fall will be will felons and dead people get to vote? I only hope you do. Merry Christmas in October.

Bob Thompson

Pelican Rapids