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Your Letters: Time is right for U.S. 10 expansion

I live out of town, and commute in for church and work, so have witnessed the destruction of so much of this town from the June tornado. I also have lived in the area since the 70s so have heard many of the rumors about the state rebuilding or rerouting U.S. Highway 10 through or around town.

It appears to me that this would be an excellent time to take a very bad thing and use it for the benefit of the town, e.g. widen the existing Highway 10 corridor to four lanes (on the existing route).

Mother Nature has forced many of the businesses on the west side to rebuild or relocate, and going through town, would keep businesses alive (similar to what was recently done in Detroit Lakes and Staples).

To this writer's thinking, if a bypass is built, it will only further hurt this town. The resulting construction dollars would also help Wadena recover.

The question is, are our legislators watching and listening?

Roger Lonnstrom