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It's OK to cry a little

It's OK to cry a few tears.

Wadena had many of its buildings torn to pieces Thursday night as a devastating tornado ripped through the town.

Crying is appropriate. A little sorrow is understandable.

It's OK.

But then we're going to have to get to work on rebuilding. Our mayor was right when he said we're a tough community with a lot of resolve.

We can take a moment to let it all sink in, but then it's time to roll up the sleeves.

We can start by taking stock of what's left. As of Thursday night, no one had died in Wadena from this storm (though there was a tragic fatality to our west.)

The injuries were mostly bumps and bruises. And certainly everyone was very scared.

We should be very thankful it wasn't worse. And we should credit the National Weather Service, the Wadena County Emergency Management team, city planners, law enforcement, fire personnel and everyone who just started pitching in right away to help.

Mayor Wayne Wolden said it pretty well: "I've never seen this before -- people standing outside their homes in disbelief. But their lives are there. They're OK. It's property. It can be replaced."

So we lost some stuff. It'll be tough to replace many things, but a life is something that's never replaced, only preserved.

Let's give thanks all of the lives here were preserved.