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Your Letters: Cooperative would be a risk worth taking

I was excited to read the letter of Lee Tarrell announcing the commencement of an area food cooperative. Everyone who enjoys good eating should become a strong supporter of this citizen-based initiative.

This is the way so many of the things we love about this country got their beginning; good citizens working together for the betterment of the community.

Local healthy food is the fastest growing movement in the food industry. Having a market to serve this region is but one more concrete action everyone can participate in to help all of us live a healthier and more fulfilling life.

This dream Lee talks about will take many hands to breed success. Is it a big risk? You bet. Will skeptics and naysayers have lots of opportunities to criticize? You bet. Will these innovators make mistakes and have set backs? You bet.

All that being said, is this a project you should step forward and invest money in? YOU BET!

If you want to enjoy and feel a part of a healthy local economy and if you want to buy healthy local food at prices competitive with foods imported from elsewhere in the world, then you need to help bring this cooperative to life.

Dave Evert