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Your Letters: Wondering about government program efficiency

In last week's attempt to defend socialism (where all faults with Socialism are just "nit-picking") Pauline Lease said: "But it isn't the (socialist) system's fault that the I-35 bridge collapsed, or that students are dropping out of school but rather those in charge of these systems are failing to do their job."

She was actualy half right. Socialism does not promote job performance. The same goes for the 16 government social programs that Pauline said "we all benefit from." (But only half of us pay for).

How many are operating in the red? How many are using borrowed money to operate? How many are printing money to make up for their deficits? How many are abused by the people in charge? How many are abused by their dependents? How much of each taxpayer dollar actualy gets used for the program?

Each year I get a charity rating guide from the American Institute of Philanthropy that grades non-profit organizations on things like: efficiency, accountability and how much of each donated dollar actualy goes to each charity. Of course government social programs are not listed because the dollars for them are mandated, not donated. But If they were included, I wonder what grades they would receive.

Daniel DeYonge