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Your Letter: Remember the responsibility that goes along with 'rights'

Last week Mike Roers wrote a letter describing the differences between economic and political systems. He then went on to list several social programs basically asking, as a society, if we want to keep these well-meaning programs. I myself do not want to see all social programs eliminated. But we should never implement any program without first considering how to pay for it and how to control waste, fraud and abuse.

I've heard a lot of people talking about rights lately but they never seem to mention the responsibilities that go along with those rights. I was once told by someone who was inquiring about a bill (very defiantly), "I don't pay for my fuel, the county does!" I wonder if people like that ever consider that the "county" is made up of "other people."

I wonder if the tone would have been the same if that person realized they were actually saying "I don't pay for my fuel, other people do!"

Daniel DeYonge