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Your Letter: Where would we be without social programs?

When I opened the Pioneer Journal I would have bet a $100 bill I would have a rebuttal to my letter from Daniel DeYonge. I appreciate any constructive criticism and welcome it, but Daniel's rebuttal in my estimation was purely nit-picking.

When I used the three forms of socialism, our transportation system, our parks and schools as examples, I said, "these things have been functioning quite well under a capitalist system." These are open to everyone regardless of their station in life and as I put it, "for the common good." I whole-heartedly agree that there is much room for improvement. But it isn't the system's fault that the I-35 bridge collapsed, or that students are dropping out of school but rather those in charge of these systems are failing to do their job. I applaud Mike Roers of Wadena, who listed 16 socialistic programs that we all benefit from and yes, even you, Daniel. I would like to know from Daniel what kind of programs or ideas he would replace these with? Where in God's name would we be without these programs? In my opinion, we would be a third-world country and have complete disarray. I do stand by my criticism of the China/Wal-Mart connection and I find it hard to believe Daniel supports China, a communist country. But that's his business!

David Ludovissie of Wadena interpreted socialism as "the government redistributing the wealth and services by controlling incomes and lives." Personally, I do not agree with that. I think if David takes a look at the list of 16 and the three systems I mentioned that his interpretation doesn't quite fit -- although it's true that you have to have structure. It is puzzling to me when I hear "how quickly the Democrats in Congress passed the Health Care Bill." Are you kidding? This has been a long time coming, starting with Teddy Roosevelt's administration. It appears we are at a stalemate in Washington and that causes stagnation and nothing gets accomplished. I say "thank you" Mr. President, I'm glad you took the ball and ran with it. There will be a lot of fine tuning before this bill matures but we got it over the goal line and millions of uninsured Americans will benefit from it thanks to you.

Lastly, Daniel, I have criticized President Bush not as a person but on his policies. I never made his face to be Hitler or want to see his birth certificate or belittle him in public. I wish him a comfortable retirement.

Pauline Lease