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Your Letters: Do your own check-up first

Lifeline Screening is soon coming to Wadena apparently to help us all be proactive about protecting our health. The costs are low and the time commitment is small, we are told. Still, if you scare enough people into tests they simply don't need you can make a whopping lot of money doing it.

Lifeline does not have an untarnished reputation and before shelling out $140 "just-in-case" check very diligently for unbiased medical and journalistic evaluations of this company.

After all, you can pay me $100 each year to inspect your tires for nails, but unless you routinely park in a cabinet shop it would be a whoppingly poor investment in the name of prevention. Please consider giving $140 to our local food shelf, instead. It will stay in town and you will still get peace of mind.

Kent Scheer