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Your Letter: Socialism, sports and the roofless park

It was interesting to see the Pioneer Journal put a pro and con discussion of socialism on the same recent editorial page and continue that topic on the sports page. While one reader was decrying the actions of the federal government as socialism, the PJ's editor and sports reporter were championing the involvement of state and local governments in the private enterprise of professional sports. If it is appropriate for the government to give tax dollars to the Vikings and Twins billionaire owners, then it seems logical that the government can use tax dollars to support its citizens who are less well off.

As a side issue, if the outstate fans of the Twins wanted a roof on the new stadium, they should have pitched in and paid for it. The bill establishing the Hennepin County-only tax for the baseball stadium and selecting the too-small-for-a-roof site was passed by an outstate majority in the Legislature. And of course, your no new tax, "conservative" governor signed the bill to give public money to the Twins' owner.

Mark J. Kraemer