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Your Letter: Writer has no concept of what Communism means

How sad it makes me to read a letter to the editor that could even begin to compare our great country with all its freedoms to a Communist nation. It is very apparent that the writer has no experience with what living under Communism means. She has no appreciation for the freedom of speech that she takes for granted.

As a first generation American, with family members who lived under communism, I can tell you that the very fact that our citizens can, and do, say anything about our government that they wish with no consequences, highlights our first amendment protection. If we were a Communist nation, Ms. Byman would be opening her door one day soon to find herself on her way to serious interrogation or worse. If we lived in a Communist nation, you could not go anywhere any time without paperwork or permission. You could lose your farm or business or home without any recourse just because someone in the government wanted it.

I am not sure who Ms. Byman considers "true Americans" or even who gets to decide if someone fits into that category. I would hope that it is more than just anyone who agrees with her opinion. I could not be more proud to be an American and live in this amazing country. This is a land of great opportunity for anyone willing to work hard and take advantage of it.

I find the lack of respect in this letter for our president appalling. The greatness of this country comes from the open and free elections we enjoy. Sometimes your candidate is elected and sometimes it's the other guy. President Obama was elected by a majority of Americans. He received 66,882,230 of the popular votes (53 percent) and 365 of the 438 Electoral College votes (83 percent). This is the process outlined in the Constitution of the United States of America. You don't have to like our president personally, but he has a name and it is not "the one who is in the presidency." Once the election is over, we should be able to come together and work hard to make this country an even better place to live. Devotion to the United States and its institutions does not have a single way of being implemented.

No one thinks everything is perfect -- far from it. But because we live in a democracy and not under Communism, we can let our representatives know what we think and work to implement change. We have term limits so that there isn't some dictator in power until he dies. Next election there is always another opportunity to make changes in leadership.

The one thing I will wholeheartedly agree with Ms. Byman is in her wishes for God to continue to bless America. He has and He does. Fortunately, his blessings are not limited to a select few. Certainly every one of us who lives here is already truly blessed.

Jan Roers