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Your Letter: What's going on with these charges?

Apparently the cold weather rule doesn't mean anything to the City of Wadena Water and Electric.

If you are unable to pay they shut you off. If you make a payment agreement like the cold weather rule states and you are unable to pay, they shut you off.

I've been in hard times for a while and recently had my electricity shut off because I was unable to pay my bill. When I went in there to pay them I was awestruck by a huge bill. They charged me $80 for a reconnect fee. I asked why it was so high and they said it was because it was disconnected at the pole. Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but the roof of my house is not the pole. How does the use of an 8-foot ladder and a piece of electrical tape add up to $80? For about $2 for a roll of tape I could do it myself. They wouldn't even make a payment agreement for the reconnect fee on the next bill after I already paid the overdue balance.

That place is so corrupt they find a way to weasel any money they can out of you. They charge $15 for a door hanger piece of paper that usually gets lost in the wind and snow, and almost $30 worth of service charges. If I have to read my own meters for them then what's the service charge for?

On top of that I got a statement which they tried to resist giving me, among other things I requested, and on the statement there was a balance due of more than $7,000 and then after it was voided out as a mistake. How many other mistakes do they make on "accident"? I'm asking these questions because I don't get any from that place. The supervisor just sits in his office around the corner where you can't see or hear anything. The employees can't talk to him in front of you either so what else are they hiding?

Ryan Booen