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Your Letter: Fix healthcare, but don't handcuff the taxpayer

I responded to a letter that Senator Klobuchar wrote in another newspaper. That editor decided to omit portions of my response. I would like to thank the Pioneer Journal for never omitting portions of my letters (or spelling my name wrong).

Here is my real response dated March 11, 2010:

Senator Klobuchar wrote about healthcare reform last week. As a promotion for further government control of healthcare she wrote: "It is time to stop handcuffing taxpayers and let the government negotiate for lower prescription drug prices under Medicare part D." Did you ever wonder why the government is always trying to fix what it broke the last time it tried to fix something? (Job security?) Senator Klobuchar then asked: "Why do Canadians pay $188 for a 90-day supply of Lipitor and Americans (U.S. citizens) pay $256?" In response to her question would ask: Why don't we stop handcuffing seniors and give them their money so they can buy from the Canadians? (Free trade, ya know!)

For the answer to the price difference she should compare the tax on "sinful" substances (alcohol, tobacco, etc.) between Canada and the U.S. (Sin tax is redistribution of wealth Canadian-style). Also in Senator Klobuchar's letter she writes, "Real healthcare reform means a bill that includes-protection against insurance company abuses." Maybe if the government stopped handcuffing the taxpayer, and allowed them to shop for health coverage across state lines the "abusive" companies would have more competition. The question that senator Klobuchar should be asking, that really gets to the root of our healthcare and economic problems, would be: Where is the "bill" that gives us protection against government abuses?

My answer would be the Constitution of the United States. (That is the document created by our countries founders intended to keep government from handcuffing us). But most in Washington choose to view the Constitution as a "living" or "dynamic" document, like a piece of clay they can mold to fit their own agenda allowing them to gain more power and give us less freedom. For example; a non-transparent 2,000-plus page healthcare reform bill would do an excellent job of handcuffing us, giving the government more control. I do think healthcare reform is necessary. I also think it can be achieved without Washington handcuffing the taxpayer in order to do so. Just a thought here: I wonder how those 36 million seniors that Senator Klobuchar described as a "pretty powerful political force" feel about all of the other political forces tugging at their ballot.

Daniel DeYonge